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"There is a new barbarism. This barbarism has embraced a new pagan mentality . . . not simply rejecting the legacy of the West, but embracing a new pagan mentality where there is no fixed truth."--  Carl F. H. Henry, Twilight of a Great Civilization
I stumbled upon a 1991 essay by  Kerby Anderson entitled, The Decline of a Nation.  He connects the decline of Western Civilization to the destruction of the family, and that makes sense to me.

Think of a human being as a pebble tossed in a pond.  One bad apple can poison an entire family, and those family members, now rankled and perturbed by one relative, carry their rancor out into the marketplace, work, school and other public forums and shared places, creating more ripples, roiling and embittering the neighborhood.  A few bad neighborhoods can spread their dysfunction and destroy an entire city, and so it goes, out into wider society, entire nations...

A Me-Centered Universe

Family Decline begins with turning from God (or any system of fixed morality and virtues) to idolatry, which leads to selfishness and neglect of family, ultimately destroying this fundamental building block of society.

Societal decline begins with selfishness that grows out of abundance.  Next come complacency, apathy, and then moral decay...

I detect the sneers and jeers from the more 'enlightened' readers who reject all the God talk, and here is my response...

You've chiseled religion off of governmental friezes, jackhammered the Ten Commandments, mocked Christianity and despised fundamental Judeo-Christian societal norms that go back thousands of years.  But the problem is, for all the talk of Secular Humanism; trendy Buddhist whatever; a vague, woolly 'Spirituality;' and bumper sticker philosophies involving Tolerance, Diversity and Keeping Mansplainers' Hands Off Your Ovaries, you have failed to build a replacement for what you have destroyed.

Women Lead Society

Women of every age and every society, despite outward second-class status, have always rocked the cradle and ruled the world. Women are not the weaker sex; they are the smarter, stronger sex. Way more dangerous than men, and men know it.  What do you think the Salem Witch Trials were really all about?

Women lack man's raw power, so they've traditionally wielded influence through other means, including an indomitable inner-strength, superior interpersonal skills, and parsimoniously leveraging feminine treasures that every man lusts after.  In a healthy person, family, society, the masculine brute force, thirst for action and foolhardiness must be tempered and guided by feminine wisdom, compassion and morality.

"Men with Boobs"

As women go, so goes society, and that spells trouble for us.
Mean-faced women indoctrinating college students and caring more about aborting babies than nurturing them; Bellicose women in government gleefully making war on other countries; women leaving their children to go fight wars when there is no shortage of male soldiers; harsh, crude, foul-mouthed Jezebels on manly rampages, getting drunk and getting their freak on just like a man, and then turning black widow when the guilt (that damned God-given guilt!) must be twisted into victim-hood and used to destroy men and their white male privilege.

A society can survive men gone wild, channeling their amped-up, testosterone-fueled aggression into conquering enemy nations and building great things; but a society cannot survive callous, selfish, and increasingly unhappy women hijacking the war wagon and turning the men into feminized males who cuddle.

Feminism Timeline

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