Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Side With...

At least according to the online political quiz at I Side With

And yet... I don't.  The quiz seemed to nail it on my political spectrum affiliation "right-wing libertarian", yet while I would vote for Paul over Clinton in a general election, that's simply because there is no way in hell I'd vote for Clinton.  Heck, if given the choice between Clinton (31%) and Sanders (19%), I'd vote for Sanders simply because I feel he is the more genuine and honest candidate.

According to the quiz, I support in descending order from Rand Paul at 84%:  Rubio (80%), Cruz (78%), Perry (78%), Trump (74%), Bush (73%), Carson (71%), Walker (65%).  Frankly I'm not particularly supportive of any of them, if the primary were held today I'd probably vote for Trump, not out of support but as a wake-up call to the Republican machine.

The quiz has some entertainment and educational value but in the big picture fails to capture what I would term candidacy deal-breakers.  I also think that Paul and I agree on many issues but for different reasons, our alignment being a result of fiscal conservatism rather than libertarian philosophy.

If you want to take the poll be sure to answer the additional questions (expandable at the bottom of each section) and adjust the least important to most important buttons on the left.

What does the quiz say about you?  Or is the entire concept of it too stupid to even bother with?

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