Monday, August 3, 2015

The Humanity Project

"On the left is the first photograph ever taken in 1826; on the right is a photo a cat accidentally took of itself." (

I paged through one of those click bait sites full of fun historical facts about the Great Pyramids, the Aztec Empire (and Oxford University, which predates that empire).  Here's my favorite little factoid:

"If Earth's Entire History Was Compressed Into A Single Year, Modern Humans Would Appear On December 31st At About 11:58 PM."

We've accomplished much despite arriving so late on the scene.  What do you consider humankind's most recent great accomplishment?

I believe it to be defeating fascism, then communism, and bringing peace and prosperity to the European continent.  The current period of relative peace starting in 1945 is right up there with Concert of Europe (1815-1915) that followed from the Treaty of Paris.  Some history buffs even compare it to Pax Romana, which despite the name, still saw local skirmishes breaking out on the empire's periphery.

Our American experiment, built upon European values, is a slightly-older great accomplishment.

What do you think humankind's greatest accomplishments are?

What do you see in our future?

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