Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Hillary's E-Mails Matter

Forget the clandestine server or her using personal devices and e-mails. Those things call her integrity and judgment into question, but they are not indictable.

The Senders of those Classified e-mails broke some Serious Federal Laws 

The senders of that information had to take it off of a Top Secret government information system that is completely isolated from the internet, remove the information from a secured Top Secret facility, and then transmit that information by unclassified e-mail over the common internet we all use.

That is three big crimes, and a bunch of slightly smaller ones.

Hillary's Crime was receiving Top Secret Information over an Unclassified Network and Not Reporting it.

Her team is trying to say the info wasn't classified at the time, and that may apply to a few, but no way can it to all of them, most especially those classified as SI/TK. That information comes from the source dissimenators classified and marked. If there was indeed such information on her e-mail server unmarked, then someone stripped off the markings, another crime.

The SI/TK material for sure (and probably most of the rest) were not "oopsies." Someone deliberately took the steps I described above, and that is a very serious string of crimes.

Why did they do it?


I doubt it.

Benghazi Cover-up?

I doubt that as well.  Stealing copies of damning classified information that still exist on government servers covers nothing up, and transmitting it over unsecured means is stupid.

It's Good to be the Queen

Here's my theory:  This is the tip of the iceberg of systemic disregard for federal law by Hillary's State Department team, from the communications folks to her personal coterie which includes Huma Abeden and Cheryl Mills.

The SecDef is big, and working anywhere near her is heady and important work.  She's out of pocket and needs to see this important piece of info, so somebody airgaps it and sends it to her private e-mail, reaping kudos in an environment where servicing the queen trumps gravely important national security laws.  Another Clinton culture of corruption where rules don't matter.

My Prediction:

The System Administrator(s) who approved/enabled USB or CD write capability on State Department Top Secret computers will go to jail.

IT technicians and communications operators who work in the State Department Comm Center where the information removal happened will go to jail.

Any non-technical staffer whose fingerprints turn up on any of this will face prosecution, and possibly jail. Their close proximity to the queen may insulate them, or it could end up being their ruin.  Recall Clinton bag man Sandy Burglar ran out of the national archives with secret papers in his underwear and got a slap on the wrist.

The FBI is squeezing people's onions right now, and putting the pressure on some people, so we'll see who cracks first and how much loyalty the inner circle truly has for Her Rotten Heinous.

Hillary could still skate.  The ultimate irony would be the Smartest Woman in the History of the World pleading ignorance.

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