Thursday, August 27, 2015

Joker gets the last Laugh

24 Counts of First Degree Murder, 140 Counts of attempted First Degree Murder, 1 Jackass on the Jury and he gets:

12 Life Sentences plus 3,318 years.

Just put a bullet in his head, or better yet, let that one juror pay for his incarceration since now it seems the rest of us Coloradans must foot the bill for one jackass. 

Colorado needs to repeal the requirement that death sentences be by a unanimous  jury.  One jackass shouldn't be permitted to hold the rest of the state hostage to his principles.  There is no doubt in this case, there is no chance that he is innocent. 12 good people will never again see the sunrise or the light of day, why should James Holmes?

12 Life Sentences and 3,318 years... it's a frigging joke.  Anything more than 1 Life Sentence should automatically be the death penalty.


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