Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jericho Lives!

Nugent Weighs in on Cecil the Lion

Cecil's Brother Found Alive and Well

The twittersphere geared up for more fusillades of outrage when it was announced that Cecil's brother Jericho had also been capped by poachers.  But he was later found to have merely slipped his GPS collar and gone on a weekend "booze, broads, and wildebeest bender."  Game park officials found him lounging with eight young females in a shady grove next to a stripped-clean carcass.   

So, what will this week's Featured Outrage be?

Manhunt for perp who killed Memphis cop?  Naw...  Nor will it be babies murdered for their body parts, or cops and innocent citizens murdered by illegal immigrants and gang members...

Another Trump-related Five Minutes Hate?  Doubt it.  The target audience of the entertainment media has the attention span of a parakeet...

The Anti-Gay Marriage Billboards going up have my vote...

What do you think the pop culture Human Herding Device Formerly Known as News (HHDFKN) will confabulate for us this upcoming week?

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