Monday, January 25, 2016

America is like a bowl of Chili

Photo: FiveRings
We have a cafeteria in the building that I work in, with a kitchen open to the dining area.  The other day at lunch I saw that they had chili on the menu, and it is usually pretty good so I bought a bowl.  Sitting down to eat, I dug into my chili with a spoon... it tasted like spaghetti sauce with red kidney beans in it.

As I said before the layout was an open kitchen and I'm on friendly terms with the cook so I asked him what the deal with the chili was.  It seems that a couple of people complained that the chili was too hot (it wasn't) so they had to tone it down.  Now mind you, a couple of people out of a couple of hundred complained that the chili was too hot, one item out of probably two or more dozen choices on the menu.  They usually offer two soups, one of which is most often some type of chili, sandwiches, a full grill, a pizza oven, salad bar, and a daily special.  So out of all these choices a couple of people chose the chili, customarily a spicy dish, and complained it was too hot. 

There's a lesson here:

If you accommodate everyone you satisfy no one.  


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