Sunday, January 3, 2016

Listen with Love

One of the many problems our society is afflicted with is the refusal to "listen with love." We listen to refute, to attack, amass ammo... if we even listen at all.

This is how a person sincerely discusses race:
Dear White America,
I have a weighty request. As you read this letter, I want you to listen with love, a sort of love that demands that you look at parts of yourself that might cause pain and terror, as James Baldwin would say. Did you hear that? You may have missed it. I repeat: I want you to listen with love. Well, at least try. (NYT - George Yancey)
Please follow the link and read the rest of it.  What do you think about what he has to say? This was a complex essay with some interesting leit motifs.  Did you detect any of them?
* - Note:  If you hit your quota of articles at the New York Times or WaPo, you can still get through by right-clicking the link and selecting 'open link in an anonymous window.'

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