Sunday, January 31, 2016

I'm Trying to be Charitable, Dammit

FreeThinke and I like to sit on the front porch and have long, rambling conversations about Brahms, contemporary social issues, the Circle of Fifths and blogging. He's said to me more than once that he just can't help liking Jersey McJones, and lately I've come to agree with him. Jersey is an entertainer, a thinking man's provocateur, and he taps into the age-old tradition of keeping controversy and lively argumentation alive by opposing anything and everything you say. It keeps the fires stoked.

I also feel the same way about Ducky. We have tangled for years here in Right Blogistan, but I enjoy his insight and biting sarcasm. It shocked me when he seemed to take genuine offense when I called Bernie Sanders, "Boob Bait for Bolsheviks."

So, let me back up and explain...

I tried adopting a new attitude sometime last year, and really, I've been evolving over the years. I started out as a flag-waving rightwing Christian conservative and die-hard Freeper, but I'm now a jaded libertarian Libertarian who still clings to his guns, guitars, and Bible, but realizes its all in God's hands.

People may not have noticed my efforts to be more charitable, because I will bring out the nuclear powered blowtorch when called for, especially when me and my buddies have been spending some time with ol' Jack and I decide to look in on the blogs before staggering off to bed...

I have tried. Perhaps it doesn't come across, but I value and respect the opinions of Dave Miller, Ducky and Jersey. I greatly admire our British Laborite friend Jez. Ronald Ward is welcome here also, but his points often get lost in his prolixity... and that attitude. He comes off like a pathetic and huffy fire drill coordinator in a windstorm, toupee flapping, red cheeks puffy because no one is listening to his forty pages of instructions.  Then he pulls the bad parody of a snooty professor, demanding essays from everyone on every hairbrained opinion he spouts.  It's tedious.  But I try.

But I write today to clear up some old business. I called Bernie Sanders "Boob Bait for Bolsheviks," and I meant no insult by it.  It's shorthand, and it's funny. This is blogging, not the Harvard debating society.  When I argue with you, please don't take it personally.  We all use these little short-hands, and usually they're amusing.  Below are a few from me.


Boob Bait for Bolsheviks: 1) Bernie Sanders as Clinton tool. 
2) Allows liberals who vote for Hillary in the general election (and we know they all will...) to salve their consciences by being able to say they voted for socialist Sanders in the primary. As a bonus, they can keep the Bernie! bumper sticker on their car. 
3) A riff off of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's comment that Bill Clinton's welfare reform was "boob bait for bubbas." 

Prog:  Short for Progressive, or proglodyte, depending on how upset the user of the word is.

D-Bagger:  Leftwing true believer.  Everything the sneering lefties think of the tea partiers? We hold D-Baggers in the same contempt.

DemonCrap Party: Who can argue that the once-great party of Give 'em Hell Harry and JFK has devolved into the devil's excrement?

In the interest of comity and parity, here's a neologism from Kook and Criers:

BOOBS: Billionaires and Oligarchs Opposing Bernie Sanders

Got any neologisms?  Put 'em out there in the comments.

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