Monday, January 4, 2016

America's "Interesting Times"

Thirty Days to Iowa: Candidates Make their Final Sprint!

Presidential candidates are in an all-out sprint in Iowa with the caucuses only 30 days away.
But most of the intrigue is on the Republican side, where 11 candidates are still vying for the party’s nomination. Political watchers are expecting a record GOP turnout at the caucuses, as well as a substantial winnowing of the field in the weeks that follow the Feb. 1 vote.
Race for the Outhouse

Why does the GOP allow a tiny handful of blue state ag subsidy gorgers and tent revivalists to have such an outsize influence over their nomination process? A second question is, why do they grant the same importance to a tiny blue state refugee colony of escaped progressive Bostonians?

Here's one for the Dems...

Did anybody besides Hillary even have a chance on the Dem side? Is Hillary Clinton really the best the Democrat Party's got? Really? What does that say about Democrats today?

Out of One... Many

We're a broken nation, and we have a broken political system when the GOP frontrunner is a Democrat blowhard real estate tycoon and the Democrat Politburo candidate is a Crony Corporatist whose politics is indistinguishable from Argentinian Peronism.

A Tipping Point

It's a trite phrase, but 2016 is the tipping point. If the nation goes Dem, it don't go back unless we experience an earth-shattering cataclysm. Even then, it would only be a 50-50 shot.  In fact, if Hillary wins, the 2012 reelection of a first-term failure may eventually be pegged by historians as the tipping point. Given the political mushiness of the GOP, does it really matter?

We are experiencing tectonic shifts in the domestic and global economies, in human migration and societal attitudes.

The global elites have been trying to create One World, via the UN, EU, NAFTA, and now the inevitable Trans Pacific Partnership. The unintended consequence has been ever-fracturing and splintering regionalism and tribalism.  We are not coming together. We are coming apart.

Ever tried to unscramble an egg?

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