Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ensign O'Bumble's Navy

Obama's stenographer stooges in the infotainment media quickly swept aside the most embarrassing incident of his administration, but thinking people are still scratching their heads over the US Navy crew surrendering to Iranian hostage-takers...

I wasn't in the Navy, but I have traveled by humvee in hostile territory in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I even had to arm up just for a simple trip to Kuwait City in a civilian vehicle.  The rules were simple.  You get attacked or blown up, you shoot back.  I'd be curious what the ROE was for those sailors.

Also, they were in open water; you can see people coming.  Were they not being vigilant?

When you are deployed in or near hostile territory, you gotta have your game face on every day.  It's easy to get complacent, especially when you're at the end of your tour, as these sailors were. Were their minds back home already?

Here are the questions...

How did they fall into the clutches of the America-hating hostage takers?

Were they joyriding?  Heading towards Iran is not taking a short-cut, as some have suggested.

Did the turds in turbans do a GPS spoof?  Possible, but the US sailors' normal route should never have taken them far from the friendly shoreline. Landmark navigation would keep them from wandering into enemy territory.

Did the Iranians seize them in friendly territory?

Did the boats break down, or did they stray into Iranian waters?  Can the government get its story straight, please?

Why did they allow the Iranians to approach and board?  Did they take up arms?

Why didn't the crew radio for support?

Why did the officer in charge apologize?

Did the skipper of that boat talk to the State Department first?  Did State tell him to apologize?

Will the skipper face an Article 32 hearing?  Will the crew be punished?  Or in O'Bumble's upside-down world, will they be hailed as heroes and decorated?

The Iranians, who are supposed to be so sophisticated, showed themselves to be the insecure, paranoid turds they really are.  A nation of true world stature and not run by hostage-taking apes would simply assist the sailors in distress and send them on their way.  Instead, the 7th Century Islamic dictators used it as a propaganda stunt, complete with an Iranian General Burkhalter asking them canned questions in a comically-thick, stereotypical accent.

What does this mean for US-Iranian relations?

I'd say it means they're the pitcher and we're the catcher.

I expect more incidents like this in 2016, and I also look for the Hezbos to get back to murdering and terrorizing now that Iran got that huge cash infusion.

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