Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Total Gun Confiscation - Impossible!

 Too Many Guns, Too Few Jack-Booted Thugs
By Hugh Farnham

The sheer numbers of guns in America and the small workforce of jack-booted thugs make complete gun confiscation almost impossible. It would take eight months of continuously kicking down doors for Obama's minions to get rid of America's guns - assuming no one resisted.

Here's the Scenario:

300 million guns.  15 billion rounds of ammunition.

150 million guns get turned in voluntarily because of some new Obama-law.   That still leaves 150 million guns in about 30 million homes.

Now comes the tough part

To raid a home you need around 20 thugs and support personnel for about 3 hours per house. Multiply that by 30 million homes.  That's 1.8 billion man-hours of effort or eight months, assuming everything went as planned. Of course it won't, but for the sake of argument let's assume everyone in these 30,000,000 homes bends over and assumes the position.

There's around 1.8 million individuals who could be called upon for this massive operation. That includes police (1.2 m), armed Federales (0.12 m) and military (0.5 m). At any one time only half of those could be available, I would estimate.

Call it 900,000 jack-booted thugs on tap. Assume an 8-hour day, since this operation is going to take a while.

Each invasion of a home costs them 60 man-hours of effort and they can only invade 120,000 houses per day.

You are still with me.  30,000,000 homes / 120,000 per day is 250 days, assuming no days off for federal holidays, spending time with their precious families, or going to church to absolve themselves of violating their Oath to their Creator to defend the Constitution.

250 days to sweep America of guns, if no one resists.

It doesn't stop there.  Imagine the human cost of 30 million homes being invaded.  Assuming just 1% of the homes are shot up by trigger-happy thugs that saw a glint of something behind the curtains, you would be looking at over half a million Americans getting shot or killed - again, assuming no one resists.  Countless domestic dogs will be liquidated as well.

The list of gun owners would be assembled with the competence of Obamacare.  People who never owned a gun, yet on the list would have their homes ransacked.  What do you think the government thugs will do if a person truthfully insists they never owned a gun?  They would be pummeled to an inch of their life, then asked again, "Where are your guns??!"

Meanwhile, a man who always purchased guns privately and was never on their list orders one of these and gets to work on a Ruger knock-off:

And the whole process begins again.  Looks like this clown has more crying to do on TV...

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