Friday, January 8, 2016

Green Goblins & Steam Powered Aereoplanes

With the Paris Accords wrapped up, the world is now safe from "Extreme Weather," Scary Weather, Melting Ice, Ice Ages, being too hot...  Meanwhile, benighted souls squatting around dung fires curse the west for threatening to make their world even colder...

Perhaps even President Obama's promise to make the oceans recede shall come to pass...

Follow the Money

Many on the left still insist Cheney drove us to war to enrich Halliburton. KBR did make some big money, so who knows?
Are Green Goblin Globalists profiteering off Climate Change Hysteria?

We must consider the possibility global elites and multinational corporations are profiteering off of other sectors of government, including Green Energy. We all know how Solyndra's thieves lapped up millions of taxpayer money, then in a Romneyesque maneuver, collapsed the company and absconded with the loot.  And they got away with it.

I'll start listening to the Global elites when they use only wind-powered cars and forswear carbon-spewing jets and begin traveling in green airplanes powered by green batteries. When they renounce air conditioning, shrink their carbon footprint to below that of a small city, and set the example--right now--of living how they want the rest of us to live, then I will begin to listen to them.

Meanwhile, I'd love to escape toxic politics and noisy controversies by joining John Hartford, Tony Rice and Vassar Clements in making a getaway in a steam-powered aereoplane...

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