Sunday, January 10, 2016


This pisses me off.  Regardless of what you think of Trump or Islam, the gross abuse of the Yellow Badge by these agit-prop, passive-aggressive agitators seeking victim status is over the line.

Where is Abe Foxman and the ADL finger waggers?

Where are the college girl screamers demanding these execrable creatures stop the historical and cultural appropriation?

Six million Jews were murdered in Nazi concentration camps, and millions more had their lives permanently marred by abuse, displacement and the loss of loved ones.  Hitler shattered their lives. My own grandparents did not wear the yellow star, but as "Untermenschen" Ostarbeiters dragged from their homes and family and hauled in a cattle car to Germany, they did wear the OST patch on their clothing while imprisoned as slave-laborers in Nazi Germany.

The smirking couple's appropriation of that hallowed symbol is an affront to our shared sense of history and a slap in the face to every victim of Nazi Germany.

Special victim status, conferred by cultural kommisars, has emboldened these Muslims to do this, having complete confidence they can get away with it. 

Modern-day Nazi Sympathizers? 

Look in the mirror, Muslims.  Christians in the Middle East are suffering an on-going holocaust at the hands of Muslim butchers.  So are many innocent Muslims as well.

Middle Eastern tyrants and Islamofascists learned from Hitler, admired him, and continue to admire him today.  Those Islamist butchers who are committing genocide and ethnic cleansing are the modern day Hitler and Nazis.

The abuse of the gold star by these CAIR plants is reprehensible, deeply offensive, and pays a grave disrespect to the millions of Jews who were enslaved and died in the holocaust.  Most chilling, it reveals their callous disregard for non-Muslims and all they hold sacred, even as those same Muslims scream at every perceived injustice supposedly directed at them and their fellow Muslims, who live here in more freedom and safety than anywhere else in the world.

Not just Jews should be offended by this grossly-offensive abuse of a hallowed symbol. Not just people whose ancestors were enslaved by Hitler's Reich.  All of us should stand up against this horrible abuse of a historical symbol that reminds us, never again, even as rabid Islamists in the Middle East are raping and murdering religious minorities.

Al Jazeera

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