Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sanders v. Trump

Could Election 2016 be shaping up as the Socialist against the Capitalist?

We won't know for awhile, but our first solid indication will come after Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  First, let's look at the Democrat situation, and then see how the GOP is shaping up...

Is Hillary Inevitable?

Hillary is slapping on a false smile and grimly marching on, motivated by her craven lust for power and over-inflated sense of entitlement to the office.  But hanging out there are various pendula that will decide her fate, whether she likes it or not.

Hillary's first obstacle is the Democrat voter.  She could end up being the Democrat's Jeb Bush, hoping to drive a corporate cash-powered steamroller to victory, but end up run off the road by a revolt of the revolted and resentful. Senator Sanders' fiery leftwing extremism is closer to the Democrat masses than Hillary's consultant-larded, Wall Street-approved corporatism dressed up in high heels and a forced grandma smile.

Secondly, there's that FBI investigation of her alleged mishandling of classified information. FBI recommending charges, and Justice refusing to file them could still damage her irreparably. Her campaign deathstar is already issuing preemptory "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" accusations.

Finally, her health. Pundits left and right have speculated that Team Clinton has been hiding some serious health issues.

The big factor in her favor is the Democrat establishment and their outsize cohort of special delegates that can be used to thwart the will of the Democrat primary voters.

Could Trump Win?

He's getting working class Democrat crossover and supposedly pulling more black and Hispanic support than any other GOP candidate. He's not just the middle finger of America's right hand, as Norman Lear suggested. He is the middle finger of disgusted and disaffected Americans of all stripes, and he is flipping the bird to the entire Democrat-Republican-Fox News-MSNBC-Washington Post-DC Establishment.

Yes... He. Could. Go.  All. The. Way.

Trump & Sanders:  A Substantive Debate

A Sanders-Trump contest would provide our nation the first substantive presidential debate in decades. With all the Clinton scandals broomed away like so much circus animal dung, the two candidates who eschew sterile politispeak could get down to brass tacks. Finally, finally! we could have a substantive debate focused on the welfare of our nation and We The People.

Capitalism v. Socialism: Let's have the debate! I want to hear these men debate jobs, global economy, society, what's good for America.

What say you?

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