Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Email Server to Die For

By Hugh Farnham

HUMINT, or human intelligence, is one of the most closely held secrets possessed by our government.  The reason is quite clear:  release of this information puts our hard-won informant's lives at risk.

One of the greatest fears for a CIA agent is the identities of his assets will get out into the open.  This usually happens either by a mole or inadvertently by the intelligence community itself.  Each recruited spy represents many months of effort in research and finesse.  

Somehow, thousands of classified emails ended up on Hillary Clinton's private server.  These emails had information classified as Top Secret and above, including Special Access Programs and HCS-O, or HUMINT.  Deadly data to be hosting on a server touching the Internet.

These emails began their life on systems like JWICS, which is a Top Secret level network.  It has no connection to the Internet.  There was no way to get the data from JWICS into Hillary's private server unless very conscious criminal steps were taken.  Conscious actions by several people.  Huma Wiener?  Sidney Blumenthal?  The late Tyler Drumheller?

It is likely that a smart phone was used, snapping photos of documents, then OCR'd and stripped of their security markings before sending to the Hildabeast.

Robert Gates recently said "the odds were pretty high" other countries got access to this server.  She was, in the parlance of hackers, a "whale" - a Moby Dick.  The highest priority for intelligence services.

I believe it was extremely likely nation state actors had full access to this server, and were stumbling over each other getting data out of it.  I'm talking about Russia, China, Britain, and Israel.

I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Did she use this classified information to feather her own nest, that in the Clinton Crime Foundation?  Offer inside knowledge for contributions?  I know this was the modus operandi for the Clinton White House - donations made to the DNC or Bill's campaign in exchange for a pass from regulatory agencies.

Only time will tell how many of our loyal intelligence assets were executed because of this corrupt woman. 

So what is the real difference between John Walker, who sold our secrets for cash, and Hillary Clinton?    

Hillary's body count.

Photoshop credit:  INK361

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