Tuesday, January 12, 2016

F-Word, N-Word, Europe and America

The German government yesterday secured an agreement from Facebook, Google and Twitter to delete hate speech within 24 hours as it steps up efforts to combat racist sentiments being expressed online in the wake of the European refugee crisis.
However German prosecutors have also launched multiple investigations into Facebook managers over alleged failure to remove racists posts, including an investigation of its Hamburg-based European head which kicked off last month. Facebook has rebutted all these allegations as lacking merit. (TechCrunch)
What is hate speech?  "inciting hatred" and "assaults on the human dignity of others..."

What constitutes a violation?  What do those phrases mean?

Answer:  They mean whatever the pasty-faced East German Communist running Germany says they mean. "Vee are vatching you.  You vill be a goot German, ja?"

Why haven't they monitored and shut-down jihadi hate groups and Islamofascist recruiters and all the terrorism how-to websites? Why haven't they cut ISIS off from the internet? There can't be that many Information Superhighway on- and off-ramps in Raqqa and Mosul.

Isn't it hate speech to convince mush-heads to kill people?

Isn't it illegal to incite hatred and give the haters step-by-step instructions on how to construct bombs and to provide them the tactics to kill as many people as possible?

Isn't it illegal and immoral to radicalize western adolescents and lure them to jihad and terror?

Question #1: Why haven't the Twittershitters, Mark Suckerfaceberg and Googol the All-Knowing used their incredible powers to shut down terrorist communications?

Question #2: How long before the crony corporatists at Google, Facebook and Twitter obey their federal government co-conspirators and pull the same censorship here in the US?

Sure, laugh it off, you progressive payasos... 

We are already a Demican-Republicrat government of the fiat, by the precedent, and for the preservation of those in power. 

They gutted the 4th Amendment like a fish, and there are petty potentates and angry activists slavering to start nibbling away at free speech. All it takes is a few hyped-up provocations to justify the first bite, and after that it's all over.
Make no mistake, the information overlords have the technology to do it. They know who you are. They can track you. To. Your. House.

Speech codes, tin hat tribunals and government threats are what brought Europe to its parlous state. People are waking up now, but it's too late.

Whoever defines Hate Speech controls Speech.

Whoever controls Speech controls Thought.

Whoever controls Thought Rules the World.

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